The principle based on CARRIER WAVES was applied a long time ago for the management of public / rail and large lighting installations with traditional sources of gas discharge.

The most obvious advantages of the system are to obtain both remote monitoring of consumption and the immediate detection of anomalies of the light fixtures, in order to ensure rapid routine maintenance and scheduling of time ignition slots.

Very little attention was given to dimming, as the gas-discharge light sources required a rather high ignition voltage.

With the advent of LED technology, the special features  of the system have changed radically since the fuel consumption reduces drastically by about 60/70% and the LED light source lasts an average of 50/70 thousand hours, compared to 10,000/20,000 of traditional sources.  Conversely the LED source is dimmable up to 10% of its full power.

PROGTECH,  which has been using the O.C. system for the railway sector for a long time, has taken  advantage of its  leveraged experience gained to offer innovative solutions in the management of their own LED lighting fixtures.

The most obvious benefit found is in being able to implement the dimming and control without making changes to the existing installations, as the O.C. technology  use the supply conductors to transmit signals available from the light fixtures equipped with the power module to the concentrator installed under O.C.

The concentrator collects data sent from all levels, peripheral nodes and serves as a GATEWAY LAN function for the supervision server. It communicates with the server level by direct connection made in LAN/FO, making the signals available from the networks internet / intranet to the customers; representing operator level / interface user for viewing and managing the entire system.

 Another possibility, just as important, which we proposed and tested is, the use of lighting fixtures installed, also for the function of  emergency lighting,  in fact thanks to the possibility to remotely set which fixtures will be appointed to the ignition and in what percentage of power (thanks to dimmable 1:10 V), in case of a blackout, the problem of maintaining or installing dedicated sources with obvious simplification and time saving is less.

In our case it is enough, where the intervention of a rescue group is already provided,  a dimension UPS is foreseen according to the needs of lighting (lux) indicated by the regulations.

Our technical department is available to give any necessary support to customers regarding the system design.

Please find below the architecture of the system

Thanking you for your attention, we remain available for any clarification and / or a meeting to explore the topic.

 best wishes.