Who we are



Progtech was founded in the province of Bergamo and is a company which specializes in the design and manufacturing of LED lighting fixtures for safety and for industrial sectors.

It is specialised in developing products for environments with “difficult” conditions, such as steel mills, rolling mills, foundries, chemical companies etc; where there is a large amount of dust and high temperatures. For this reason normal lamps would have a very short life cycle. In the same contexts you can find an important implementation, a series of products devoted to safety, which is an increasingly wide issue nowadays.

Progtech also has products for outdoor application and street purposes as well as products for the railway sector, thanks to the collaboration of Cablotech, a company approved in RFI.

Cablotech, thanks to its important structure, guarantees a constant production and quality of all the products developed by Progtech.

Thanks to a specialised technical team, we are able to provide assistance regarding the lighting design, conducting surveys and carrying out calculations with specific programmes.